This exciting webinar features  former Blackburn Rovers Data Analyst and now current Vector Core Product Manager, Rob Heyworth & Catapult Customer Success Specialist, Andrew Lombard as they introduce Vector Core.

By leveraging the elite-level accuracy of Catapult's flagship Vector system, Vector Core has been designed to deliver a comprehensive set of live metrics and post-session analysis in a user-friendly platform.  These data and insights help teams make informed decisions to improve athlete performance, reduce the risk of preventable injuries, and help injured athletes recover faster.

In this 30 minute webinar, hear about the benefits of Vector Core including:

  • Simplified load management metrics - Catapult has taken the key metrics used by the leading professional teams and focused them down to a streamlined set of simplified metrics that inform player performance and health decisions.
  • Ability to work from anywhere - The new cloud-based experience allows teams to manage data, insights, and all editing in the cloud, enabling coaches to work across different devices and locations seamlessly.
  • Instant upload & automatic data collection - Teams will not have to manually download their data after a session. As soon as devices are connected to the dock the athlete data is uploaded to the Cloud for a faster, simplified experience.

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