From AI and workflow automation to athlete wellness and fan engagement, Catapult invites you to our revered Annual Panel – "2024 Sports Trends," a distinctive tradition since 2019, where the leaders and innovators in sports technology elevate the discourse around the current state and imminent future of sports tech, with a special focus on forecasts for 2024.

This year, more than 125,000 industry leaders, practitioners, and specialists were surveyed ahead of this panel to ensure the discussion is current, timely, and relevant.

Join our meticulously curated panel, featuring prominent Customer Success Representatives, each bringing profound insights from distinct sports domains. This annual congregation goes beyond a mere reflection of our past triumphs, serving as a beacon that illuminates the path ahead, guiding enthusiasts and professionals alike through the dynamically evolving landscape of sports technology.

What to Expect:

  • Experts Unleashed: Deep-dive into an expert-led discussion, orchestrated by our seasoned host, Jozef Baker, providing a sports-specific, field-centric perspective.
  • Exclusive Insights Across Sports: Attain holistic insights from various sports, including Soccer, American Football, Basketball, Ice Hockey, Rugby, and Motorsport.
  • Glimpse into 2024: Unlock forthcoming sports tech trends through a lively discussion discussing where the sports industry is heading in 2024 and beyond.

Also, you can now download our 2024 Sports Trends & Predictions Report, here.

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