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Movement Profile for Football

Catapult has engineered the Movement Profile for Football, a new football-specific solution that quantifies and categorises every type of movement on the pitch for unprecedented insights.

Football is defined by a combination of both locomotive and mechanical movements. To date, effectively reporting on a player’s mechanical movements has been difficult since metrics derived from GPS often reflect the locomotive aspects of performances.

Movement Profile for Football provides the solution as it monitors and reports on the mechanical aspects of football-specific movements.

The Movement Profile uses the inertial sensors inside Catapult’s Vector devices to provide absolute and relative time spent in six movement categories:

  • Very low intensity - Standing-like movements
  • Low intensity - Walking-like movements
  • Running mid intensity - Steady jogging/running
  • Running high intensity - Steady high-speed running
  • Dynamic mid intensity - Mid-intensity turning and changes of direction
  • Dynamic high intensity - High-intensity turning and changes of direction

Developed through a collaboration between elite practitioners in the field and our own in-house data scientists, the Movement Profile helps to optimise training through a clearer understanding of how the movement patterns of training drills relate to match demands.

The primary application of this new football-specific algorithm is to reduce risk of lower body soft tissue injuries. Multi-directional movements account for 25% of the time on pitch during football match play and is a critical source of physical stress that a player receives. Accurately quantifying and differentiating these movements from running will greatly assist in soft tissue injury mitigation.

To get started with Movement Profile for Football, follow the link to right which best describes your current wearables solution.

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