Explore the 2024 Sports Trends Report by Catapult, showcasing our commitment to advancing every team and athlete globally.

In collaboration with over 700 sports industry influencers, we've curated diverse insights forming the core of our 2024 trends and predictions.

Central to our research is the 2024 Sports Trends Predictions Roundtable, orchestrated by Jozef Baker, our Customer Success Specialist. Experts from football, American football, basketball, ice hockey, rugby, and motorsport discuss AI, automation, analytics, and athlete well-being, shaping our 2024 forecasts.

Compelling numbers: 80% foresee analytics advancing women's sports for greater equality. Nearly 79% recognize prescriptive analytics, AI, and machine learning's critical role in 2024, with over half identifying real-time training adjustments as transformative.

Our report informs and inspires, keeping you abreast of sports technology trends and sparking new ideas. Join us in unlocking potential as we unveil our 2024 predictions.


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